Listec® SCU 800 d-LIST Control Unit

SCU800 Control UnitThe sensor control unit SCU 800 is the central supervisory element which provides up to two d-LIST sensor cables with power, performs the cyclic addressing of the connected sensors every 10 seconds, acquires the temperature values measured by each sensor and evaluates the data with reference to various criteria.

A fire alarm is generated if either a given maximum threshold is exceeded, or if an increase in temperature takes place within a certain time (differential evaluation). The two thresholds (set-points) can be set individually for each of the attached sensor cables.

The measurement resolution of 0.1°C gives the system high sensitivity. The tried and tested algorithms used in the evaluation eliminate false alarms due to natural temperature variations.

Alarms are indicated by LED's on the front-panel and via floating contacts to a fire terminal station (fire control panel), host computers or other transmission systems. Hereby, alarms generated by the two sensor cables are signalled individually.

Resetting takes place via an external signal from the fire terminal station or by pressing the front-panel mounted reset button.

The serial RS-232 interface can be used for programming and setting of system parameters. The LISTterm terminal software is available for this purpose.

For the visualisation of the system status, message and temperature lists, as well as a graphic display of the temperature and alarm data, LISTgraph II is available.

Alternatively, LIST® Controller can be used to connect and control several SCU 800 units from a central point via a RS-485 interface or a 20 mA current loop (TTY interface).

General Specifications:

Collective Display (LED's) For

Alarm Criteria

  • Fire cable A
  • Fire cable B
  • Fault
  • Operation
  • Temperature measurement
  • Data transmission
Alarming due to the exceeding of an absolute or a differential threshold (set-point). All thresholds are individually settable for each sensor cable.

Fault Recognition


Sensor cable faults, such as a malfunctioning sensor or a cable break, are recognised and indicated within one measuring cycle, generally within 10 seconds. Faults in the control unit are registered in the internal message list and are signalled immediately.
RS-232 serial interface for programming parameters and interrogation of system data. Optionally a RS-485 interface for TTY current loops are available for master/slave systems.


All connections take place inside the unit via terminals.

The RS-232 interface, 9 pin D-Sub female, is accessible once the unit is opened.

System Specification:

Number of Measuring Points

Sensor Cable Length

Maximum of 99 sensors per cable connection.
Maximum overall length of the sensor cable, including connection cables, may not exceed 250m per sensor cable connection. The sensor cable may consist of seperate cable pieces.

Delivery Extent

  • Quick start manual.
  • CD with data sheet, operation manual, description of commands and system messages, installation guidelines.